What We Do can provide professional procurement services. We source and purchase products according to the needs of our customers. has the expertise and resources to meet the individual purchasing needs of customers, increase the added value of their products, and make their products the best competitive in the market. We are helping small businesses and branded companies custom Purchasing quality products from Asia.

Product Purchasing Services

Product Purchasing is the whole process of finding products to sell.A one-stop shop for customised purchasing agents to target the best products for you.

Understand your needs and prices.
Screening of qualified suppliers and the best products.
Purchase the products that meet your needs.
Quality checks are performed to ensure that no defective or inferior products are slipped in.
Shipping and delivery of your products.

Customization & OEM/ODM Services

CustomPurchascing assists customers in customizing products according to their unique specifications or requirements, including OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) services, a challenging task that is our specialty.

Gather analyze and research your needs.
Developed to screen manufacturers that meet OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) criteria.
Developed prototypes, tested, designed and prepared for mass production.
Ensure that mass manufacturing and quality management begins after successful prototyping.
Shipping and delivery of your products.

Quality Control Services

CustomPurchasing implements stringent quality control measures and best quality inspection services to ensure that your products meet the required specifications and quality standards. This includes pre-production inspection, in-process inspection and final product inspection prior to shipment.

Audit suppliers and factories for compliance with quality standards?
Development of design verification and pre-production inspection.
Experts perform in-process inspection and quality control.
Final inspection (Acceptable Quality Limit Inspection) to ensure that the product meets your specifications.

Custom Purchasing Categories


Cell phone cases, data cables, chargers, audio, headphones, mobile power, accessories and stands.


Home computers, keyboards, mice, USB disks, monitors, tablets, docking stations, wifi devices.


Kitchen appliances: coffee machine, juicer. Environmental appliances: purifiers, electric fans. Cleaning appliances: Vacuum cleaners.


Backpacks, trainers, tents, mugs, picnic mats, LED lights, fans, rain gear, fishing gear, hunting supplies.


Clothing, footwear, accessories, beauty care products, health products, fabrics, toys, and fashion items.


Household living goods, automotive small electronic products and accessories, small power tools, handicrafts, gifts, pet products.

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